About the author

The author of this blog is an ICT professional with +16 years of experience, +20 Technical Certs and lots of training.
His experience covers a vast set of competences and he is a recognized Trusted Advisor on Public and Private Sector, worked on several segments such as Retail, Power & Utilities, Telco, Financial and Public Safety & National Security.
Performed several roles as Technical, Engineering and Pre-sales, Consultant, PM, Technical Account Management, today he’s working as Senior Account Technology Strategist, Security Incident Response and CyberSecurity Lead.
Has a foundation of knowledge on Infrastructure, IT & Service Management, Operational Excellence, IT Strategy, CyberSecurity and CyberWarfare strategy.

Today he’s focused on developing his work and skills as a Senior Technical Leader, making others realizing their full potential and his company, customers and partners to succeed.

Bear in mind that you don’t find him, he find’s you, so don’t ask him about a few things:
– What he’s doing;
– Who are his customers/partners;
– What he knows about CyberSecurity and CyberWarfare;



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