Moving my blog to Azure

As some of you have noticed you are being redirected from to Here’s why:

Initiated my blogging journey a while ago in 2007, started posting on Blogspot (, then I found that Windows Live Spaces was a better place to be and moved to (, then Microsoft decided to abandon the blogging platform and I was forced to move to (

I do blogging for the joy of helping others and I truly believe that information worth nothing if you keep it for yourself, amplifying knowledge, sharing and collaborating is part of my DNA and in approximately 2 years of blog activity I had >~107.000 blog views, that can mean nothing for some but it means a lot for me as people is getting involved and providing feedback.

Personally I hate restrictions, that’s why I phreak every single device I own, so many would say that open source or freemium service models would suite better for me, well in fact for me in many angles it’s the opposite, I can explain it better in a different thread. With regard to Blogging activity fits on the Freemium space, you have a blogging platform for free but with restrictions, skipping limitations and getting plus services has costs.

Something came to my notice, when I’ve achieved 100.000 page views started seeing Ads being spread over the blog, fair enough, you have a free platform and they monetize with Ads. So I had a rational though, producing content so that others are making money out of it and living with the limitations of a freemium model, I think I prefer to assume the control, remove restriction and run my own stuff, and that’s what I did, migrated my blog to WordPress running on Microsoft Azure.

From now on you can follow my blog at:

Stay tuned, I will explain to you the required and easy steps for such move.

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Luís Rato


~ por Luis Rato em 7 de Junho de 2014.

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