Windows 8 cold boot is impressively fast

I am a Windows 8 regular user since the very first day of the Consumer Preview, was less stable when compared with Windows 7 beta (7000) but with an acceptable usability for daily work. The Release Preview came out in a short period and much more stable than W8CP, when compared with Windows 7 Release Candidate (7100) was either much more stable.

No more than 2 months after RP and we had the RTM bits out, impressive development lifecycle! All my desktops and Laptop are running Windows 8 RTM right now and as a regular user since the early bits I can say without doubt that Windows 8 is the best OS ever for many different reasons.


As the general availability is around the corner I keep hearing some people saying that Windows 8 will FAIL because of MS deadly sin for every 2 OS releases (Me –> VIsta –> W8) and they point out all kinds of reasons, mainly the missing Start Menu, bugs and performance.

Sorry guys, but I totally disagree, and here’s why:

About Start Menu: I’ll spare you of all details, it’s all about using Windows 8 on your daily machine, 1st day you’ll hate, 2nd day you’ll get used and accept, 1st week you’ll comprehend the reasons for the radical change of the UI, 2nd week you’ll enjoy, 1st month you’ll love!

About bugs: RTM is stable, no crashs, best drivers support ever, all legacy Apps working great, fluid UI, all features working great, fastest boot/shutdown/hybernate/sleep ever! If you have time, go read my blog post Windows 8 installation with a Motherboard ASUS P5AD2-E Premium about the setup of Windows 8 on a +8 years old machine, the setup process was much more easier than on Windows 7.

About performance: If you dare to say that Windows 8 is less performant than any other prior Windows releases we are done with the conversation! You had never used Windows 8!

To emphasize what Windows 8 performance really means I’ll show you the cold boot performance on one of my home desktops, here are the specs of my PC:

HardWare specification:
CPU Intel Core i5-2400 – 3,10Ghz
MotherBoard P8Z68-V PRO (Intel socket 1155 – Z68) – bios version: 3402
16GB RAM (4 x 4GB Corsair PC3-12800 DDR3)
Graphics Card – Asus 660 GTX DCII OC 2GB
HDD OCZ SSD Vertex 4 128Gb SATA3

Windows 8 Performance Rate for this hardware:
CPU – 7,5
Memory – 7,6
Graphics – 7,8
Gaming Graphics 7,8
Primary HDD – 7,9
Overall (determined by lowest subscore) – 7,5


Now just watch my video of the Windows 8 Coold boot performance and take your own conclusions from the following data:

Motherboard BIOS POST time: 20 seconds
Windows 8 loading time until login screen: 3 seconds  –> IMPRESSIVE!
Total time: 23 seconds



R-Tape Loading error,
Luís Rato


~ por Luis Rato em 16 de Outubro de 2012.

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