Windows 8 and C-Media CMI 9880 driver installation

Hi folks,

following my previous post Windows 8 installation with a Motherboard ASUS P5AD2-E Premium, I am sharing the required steps to setup the Audio Driver of C-Media CMI 9880 on a Windows 8 Machine.

The process has been tested with a Motherboard ASUS P5AD2-E Premium which has C-Media CMI 9880.


  • Unplug all the jacks of your audio system from the Onboard Sound Card back panel (the smart jack function will mess with the driver installation);
  • Download the CMI 9880 driver version 09.59.73 flexbass from the link below:


  • Unzip the file and browse into the the folder where you can see the “setup.exe” file, right-click on it and select “Properties”, click on the “Compatibility” tab and define the following settings:

Run this program in compatibility mode for”  >  “Windows XP SP3”;

“Privelege Level”  >  “Run this Program as an Administrator”

Audio driver

  • Windows 8 Smartscreen will not recognize the Audio Driver “Setup.exe”, so on the SmartScreen warning click on “More info”.


  • Windows 8 Smartscreen protects you against User’s stupidity or quick fingers and will present a second Warning message with more details, we are safe so click on “Run Anyway”.


  • The Setup process is started, just press “Yes”.


  • This is not a digitally signed driver so you need to click on “Install this driver software anyway”.


  • Reboot the machine;


R-Tape Loading error,
Luís Rato


~ por Luis Rato em 14 de Outubro de 2012.

10 Respostas to “Windows 8 and C-Media CMI 9880 driver installation”

  1. thanks luis for this post

  2. In response to the 9880 audio driver installation post… I had to take a slightly different route in order to get audio working in Windows 8. I downloaded the WinXP 64 bit driver from the ASUS website (Cmedia 9980 64-bit audio driver v5.12.1.9 (WHQL)).

    In Device Manager, I opened the non-working HD audio driver > Driver tab > Update Driver > Browse my computer … > let me pick … > Have Disk > Browse to the folder where the above v5.12.1.9 driver was extracted > select the file …Cmedia_v5.12.1.9(WHQL)\Driver\CMHDA101_64.INF

    I did this install with no speakers or mic connected. When I restarted, I had to plug in, unplug, then plug the speakers back in and finally got audio!

    • Hi Matt, both workarounds will work, the fact I had chosen the other workaround it’s because it’s more user friendly for people not familiar with Device Manager and kind of geek stuff. Personally, I rarely run Asus setup driver installer to avoid crapware installed on my machine and I go straight through Device Manager like you did. 😀

      And no matter what workaround you chose we have always to unplug the speaker and mic before the installation.


  3. Hi, I do everything as written above, but begore last step, when I click yes, I see message removing old driver or something like that, after that setup starts to install my driver. Few seconds later, about 10-15% of completion, everytime I got the message: Driver instalation failed. Please check High definition Audio Device and Reboot System, and all I can do is click yes. Can anybody help me? Thanks.

  4. Hi Luis,
    i do every step that you write, and have it installed on my PC.
    but there is still a problem with a driver, it cant be detected by the system.
    i made sure to check if the driver had been installed via Device Manager, there is not something wrong with the driver. but the speaker icon at notification area still have an X mark on it. Can you help me ?
    Thanks in advance
    by the way, im using Windows 8.1 Pro Preview x86

  5. P5AD2-E Deluxe, Pentium 4 630, Windows 8 Pro. I hope you can help me, or I could turn on remote assistance if you want.

  6. When i follow your tutorial win 8.1 smart-screen does not appear but the installation begins . after sometime it says installing bus driver and finally it stop saying the device is manually removed by user . Please help me or i must buy a sound card . i have been trying it for a week now.
    i have the HCL P5GD2-TVM/GB/SI motherboard.
    my CPU is intel pentium 3 ghz
    I am using win 8.1 pro os

    • Hi there,

      I’ve not tested the driver with your particular motherboard and I was unable to test the installation on Windows 8.1 because the Motherboard capacitors are damaged.

      However I had the feedback of a lot of people that followed the steps and used the same driver successfully on different Motherboards that have the same SoundCard CMI9880. I’ll contact you by email and I’ll offer my availability to do a remote Sessions on your system if you want.


  7. got it to work on windows 10! finally after 3days lol

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