Russia Auditing ISP’s That Host Illegal Content

When we go after the criminal intent for malware, botnets, phishing and a lot more of cybercrime activities, money is the #1 reason.

Those countries that do not take action of control on their cyber arena end up being the heaven for malicious activities and sooner or later it will turn into a bad propaganda for them, even worst is that it can promote being attacked from their own soil. I am seeing much more often that organizations are activating their Firewall geo protection against countries with bad cybercrime reputation and this kind of cyber ethic wall is obviously politically/financially impacting all those that do not cooperate for a better cyber ecosystem.

Following the above statement I can mention Russia as an example, they have been a prime place for cybercrime hosting and this ended up just not being the “your problem, not our problem”.

A few weeks ago spamhaus accused some .ru domain registers for not cooperating in the antispam battle while not taking down domain names used for botnets, specially NAUNET which has a long story to tell in terms of domain registration for cybercriminals. Full story here:

Almost at the same timeframe and for different reasons the Russian law enforcement cuffed 8 people responsible for the Carberp Trojan, the reason behind this crackdown is related to the fact that the Trojan was targeting internal interests and not the external, basically Russians were victim of Russian cybercriminals when they managed to collect their online banking identity and stole £1,3M.

During this week something unexpected and positive happened, Russian government announced that they will audit all hosting providers in their country. Read the full story here.

Not matter if their motivation came after spamhouse allegations, or Carberp Trojan targeting Russian interests or all bad propaganda and financial impact for the absence of Cybercrime control on the domain register and hosting providers, what really matter is that they are taking action for a better internet safety that we all rely on.

International cooperation for a better Cybersecurity is not just about sharing intelligence or deporting the bad guys, by one way it’s about doing the right thing inside your own boundaries, by another it is about responding to international requests without demanding the need of a rogatory letter that slows down the whole process of an investigation and give enough time for cibercriminals to hide their tracks and vanish.


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Luís Rato


~ por Luis Rato em 12 de Abril de 2012.

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