Mac Flashback Exploiting Unpatched Java Vulnerability

Mac users should be careful with possible phishing scam exploiting an unpatched Java vulnerability.

Here is a brief introduction from the F-Secure publication:

Oracle released an update that patched this vulnerability back in February… for Windows.

But — Apple hasn’t released the update for OS X (yet).
It appears that the Flashback gang is keeping up with the latest in exploit kit development. Last week, Brian Krebs reported that the CVE-2012-0507 exploit has been incorporated into the latest version of the Blackhole exploit kit. And that’s not all. Though it is unconfirmed, there are rumors of yet another available exploit for an "as-yet unpatched critical flaw in Java" on sale.

For complete details please check the following link:

R-Tape Loading error,
Luís Rato


~ por Luis Rato em 3 de Abril de 2012.

Uma resposta to “Mac Flashback Exploiting Unpatched Java Vulnerability”

  1. Since I’ve published this post Apple has fixed the Java 0-day flaw and a few Flashback removal tools were released.

    1st – Verify if your OSX is already infected with Flashback malware on the following link:

    2nd – If you are already infected by the Flashback malware, use one of the following removal tools to clean up your MAC machine:

    Kaspersky Flashback removal tool:

    F-Secure Flashback removal tool:

    Apple Flashback removal tool:

    3rd – After completing the above actions urgently update Java on your OSX Lion:

    R-Tape Loading error,
    Luís Rato

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