Windows 7 setup and Sata Raid Controller ITE 8212 driver installation

Hi everybody,

I am back from my 3 weeks of traveling and vacation and in the meantime Windows 7 RTM is out there. I was already running a Pre RTM version of Windows 7 on my laptop (Lenovo T61P), so I thought that it would be more challenging to install Windows 7 RTM on my old home desktop which has the following specifications:

Processor Pentium 4 Prescott 530 – 3,0Ghz 800Mhz FSB (no Intel EM64T)
Motherboard Asus P5AD2-E Premium (LGA 775)
Onboard Sound Card C-Media CMI9880
Onboard Sata Raid Controller ITE 8212
2,5Gb Ram DDR2
1 Sata HDD 320Gb
1 Sata HDD 160Gb
1 IDE HDD 30Gb
Graphic Card Nvidia Gforce 8800GT 512Mb

I started running the Windows 7 Setup and the setup stopped and asked for a driver but without showing the list of the required driver or explaining which kind of driver it was looking for, I have to say that this is not brilliant at all (!!!), however based on my own experience during the installation phase Windows will stop the installation if it does not have access to any HDD which normally is related with a faulting driver for the HDD Controller, in this particular case for my own machine I needed the driver for the Onboard Sata Raid ITE 8212. I binged for it and found a few drivers that were only compatible with Windows XP (Grrrrrrr), I have used a few of those Windows XP compatible drivers and the setup had a strange behavior while trying to access the HDD, it was unable to format and returned an error, after that the Hdd was not accessible and I had to reboot. Reran the setup and installed the same driver, on the second turn I decided to delete the Volume and it was done successfully but while trying to create a new one the process fails once again, so here we go again for a new reboot. I started searching for some info on the cloud and there was a few guys complaining for the same compatibility issues with Windows 7. 

It was time for the desperate ambush of a compatible Windows Vista driver for the Sata Controller ITE 8212, after a few minutes I finally found one that was totally compatible with Vista, so 2 thumbs up and a smile on my face. I reran the Windows 7 setup installed the new driver, created the new volume but during the format process it hanged, so now what the FU** was wrong???? Basically it seems that Windows 7 and the Sata Controller ITE 8212 don’t love each other but it can be solved by unplugging all other HDD apart from the Sata ones. So I had to shutdown the computer, unplugged the cables of all HDD except the Sata ones, reran the Windows 7 setup, installed the Windows Vista compatible driver, deleted the old volume, created and formatted the new one and here we go, everything went just fine.

So to help you guys out with the Windows 7 setup process on a machine with the Sata Raid Controller ITE 8212 just follow the steps below:

  • Backup all the necessary data to a different HDD or other removable media;
  • Download the Sata Raid Controller ITE 8212 driver for Windows Vista from the following link:

ITE 8212 Controller – Vista.zip

  • Unzip the driver file and copy its contents to an USB drive or another logical volume that you might have available (different from the installation volume)
  • Shutdown the computer and unplug the cables of all HDD except the Sata HDD and/or USB HDD;
  • Boot your computer with the Windows 7 DVD or from any other removable media and run the setup;
  • When the setup process stops, chose the Custom installation (do not choose Typical or else you will be doing an inplace upgrade of the OS) and when it shows you the window to install a driver, browse to the driver folder and install it;
  • After the driver installation you can now use the Disk advanced features and create, delete or format the existing partition;
  • Select the new partition (or the old one that you had formatted) and continue with the installation;
  • After this the Windows 7 setup process should finish successfully;

The initial setup process is now completed, so if you have a Asus P5AD2-E Premium Mother board I recommend that you follow the next post which talks about the “Windows 7 and C-Media CMI 9880 driver installation”.

R-Tape Loading error,
Luis Rato


~ por Luis Rato em 18 de Agosto de 2009.

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